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2.5 – Family Groups Management

Family Groups are used to control what information is displayed in a family tree.  You can use them in lots of ways, for exaple you could create a Group to only show one family branch or only a few generations out of a larger tree.  You could also create a Group and only add a few people who you want to focus on or leave out people who do not want their details included.

To add a new Family Group, click the ‘Create New’ button.

Fig. 1


A screen will appear where you can name your Group.

Fig. 2


You should also select a Privacy level for the Family Group.

Fig. 3


Once created, you will return to the Family Groups list. Select the Group you want to manage from the list on the left.

Fig. 4


You can now see options to ‘pull’ Group data from your website or ‘push’ data back to your website from the hub.  You can also change the Privacy policy.

Fig. 5
2.5 – Family Groups Management