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2.0 – Using the Shortcode

The TreePress Member Shortcode plugin enables you to add a family member’s report page on and page or post in your WordPress blog that looks something like this:

Henry de Bourbon
Male View tree
Born: 1553 Died: 1610
Father: UnspecifiedMother: UnspecifiedSpouse: Marie de' Medici
Children: Henrietta Maria of France
Siblings: none

It’s really easy to use.

Just add this code

[members id={family member's custom post id}]

and replace the text in red {family member’s custom post id} with the ID number of the family member to look something like this

[members id=158]

To locate the family member ID (see image below)

(1) Select the TreePress => All Members screen
(2) Note the ID number in the Member’s row

Family Member ID
Fig 1 – Family Member ID


2.0 – Using the Shortcode