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1.4 – Create Your Family Tree and Family Member Pages

You will need at least three linked generations to create a tree.

Please make sure you have correctly set fields to link each person to their mother and father and spouse.

Also, please ensure that all family members are assigned to their Family Group.

Do not set individual family members ‘Visibility’ to ‘Private’ or ‘Password Protected’.  If you want to hide family information, you can use the privacy settings on the page where you add the shortcode or install a seperate logon management or membership plugin.


1.4.1 – The Basic Shortcode to Display a Tree

Create a page to display your family tree – you can call this what you wish – and put the shortcode in this pageShortcode 1 - Display a Family Tree

Replace the content of the {…} section with the family ID – you can find this on the Family Group page in the left hand sidebar menu.

So it looks like this (your numbers will be different)

[family-tree family='133']


1.4.2 – Enhanced Shortcode to Specify an Ancestor to Start From (Recommended)

To make this show the tree with a specific person at the ‘Root’ amend the code to

Family Tree Shortcode 2 Add Family Tree with Root Member

So this code would look something like this

[family-tree family='133' root='8517']

You can choose any family member as the ‘root’.  You will find their ID on the ‘All Members’ page (see link in left sidebar menu).



1.4.3 – Family Members’ Report Shortcode

You also need to create a page to add the detailed family members report.  Add a new page called whatever you wish and addShortcode 3 - Family Members Page shortcode on it. (Replace text in red)


1.4.4 – Important!  Link the Page URLs to the Group

Now copy the page URLs for the two pages you have just created and go to the Family Group screen  (left sidebar: TreePress => Family Groups) and set the family tree link option and family members page links in the fields at the bottom).

Add the URLs for your family tree page and family members report page to the Family Group.


When you add a new family member, specify the family which the belong to and who’s tree you want them to display in from the Family Groups sidebar options on the right hand sidebar.

IMPORTANT:  Reset your Permalink settings by clicking “Save Changes” button on the left sidebar Settings=>Permalink page.

Refresh Permalinks
Fig. 2 – Refresh your Permalinks after adding new pages and shortcodes to ensure everything works correctly!


1.4 – Create Your Family Tree and Family Member Pages