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1.3 – Adding Family Members

Go to the TreePress sidebar menu and select the tab ‘Add New’.  Alternatively click the ‘Add New’ option in the ‘All Members’ page.

Enter the name of the person as you would like it to appear in the tree in the box at the top of the page.

You can then enter additional details (Note in the Free version, you can add Gender, Date of Birth, Date of Death and link the profile to the Mother, Father and Spouse).  In the Premium version you can add additional information in many pre-configured fields, add your own fields and add a photograph (using the Featured Image option in the right sidebar) which will appear with the family member’s profile and in the family tree.

Add New Family Member


Dates and Formats

Dates must be in the format YYYY-MM-DD

But you can enter YYYY only and it will display eg 1900.

You can also enter YYYY-MM without a day and that will display eg 1900-03.

There is an option to “Only show year” in the “TreePress Options” tab, which will then simply display the year.

You can’t enter anything else eg ‘ABT’, ‘BEF’ ‘Circa’ etc.

There are options to show/hide the lifetime dates (“Show Living Dates”), to show only the year and to hide dates for living people etc. in the TreePress => Options => TreePress Options screen.




1.3 – Adding Family Members