Support requests are really limited to fixing bugs, but we can help with plugin development and bespoke feature enhancements.  This roughly breaks down to three types of work:

  1. New Plugin Development
    You want help to develop a new plugin that is nothing to do with TreePress.
  2. New Features and Modules Development
    You want some significant bespoking of TreePress to fit a specific need within your organisation.
  3. Feature Tweaks
    TreePress is doing pretty much what you want, but there are some small tweaks you’d like to make it perfect for you.

Remember that bespoke changes may be overwritten in future plugin upgrades so if you do have changes made that are just for you, you might need to stop upgrading to future iterations of the plugin.

If you suggest a change that we agree to incorporate in our ‘live’ plugins (ie the version available to everyone), then this is likely to be maintained in future upgrades, but we cannot promise it will never change.

For new plugins, modules and major feature changes, please complete the enquiry form below.

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