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2.1 – Select a Chart Type

After adding a new chart, you will be able to open the chart screen and choose what chart type you want.


You will find the following charts available:

Style 1 – Default Chart

This is the basic chart style used by the TreePress plugin when the Charts add on is not installed.

IMPROTANT NOTE:  If this chart is selected the controls to manage the styling are located in the sidebar tab “TreePress => Options” and NOT on the chart page.  While the default style can be selected from the Charts page, it is still managed using the tools from the core plugin.  For more information, see Options and Appearance.


Style 2 – Vertical Descendant Chart

Style 3 – Horizontal Descendant Chart

Style 4 – Vertical Pedigree Chart

Style 5 – Horizontal Pedigree Chart 1

Style 6 – Horizontal Pedigree Chart 2

Style 7 – Vertical Hourglass

Style 8 – Horizontal Hourglass



2.1 – Select a Chart Type